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"I've Closed $4000 Sales With $666 Ad Spend In Less Than 2 Weeks"

Tara Antler - Relationship Mentor at LEAP - The Coaching Movie

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I've closed $4000 sales with $666 ad spend in less than 2 weeks. That's a 500% return on ad spend. BIG beautiful hugs sent your way!


Florentina Helped Me Map Out My Marketing Campaign From A to Z, With Undying Care & Attention To Detail The Entire Journey

Dayna Lisa - Mindset + Online Business Coach

When I started working with Florentina, I did not have a solid sales funnel in place. She helped me map it out from point A to Z, with undying care and attention to detail the entire journey. She helped me increase my brand awareness and get new members in my Facebook group!


I Was Able To Go Away Knowing That Sign Ups Were Coming In In My Absence

Karen Gilbert - Creative Business Alchemist

I would always recommend outsourcing your Facebook ads to an expert and Florentina definitely knows her stuff. I was able to go away on holiday knowing that sign ups were coming in in my absence. She got it done!


Florentina Is Honest, Direct, And She Will Tell You What Needs To Get Done

Martina Blaho - Mindset Coach

Today I wanted to talk to you about the amazing Florentina. We've all heard the saying that when a student is ready, the teacher will show up. And when I was finally ready to start my own private Facebook group, that Florentina showed up across my Facebook feed.

And after having a conversation with her and understanding WHAT she's going to do and mapping out HOW she's going to do it and being told that she'll report to me once a week - which she did - I've decided to work with her immediately.

And besides her very excellent work ethic, she's also very direct and no-nonsense. She will let you know what you need to do, what your part is in making your Facebook ads strategy a success.

She helped me hone in on my ideal client and get very, very specific on who that woman is, which I needed help. I can't tell you how eye-opening that was.

She also helped me come up with a fantastic name for my private Facebook group. That name is awesome because it completely resonates with what I stand for and how I work with my women.

If you're thinking about hiring a Facebook ad strategist, I would STRONGLY recommend working with Florentina.

She is honest, she's direct, and she will tell you what needs to get done to succeed. She wants nothing more than for you to succeed. And the way she marries her business strategy with mindset is beautiful. I hope you give her a chance and work with because trust me, you will love her.


''In less than 3 weeks, I got 500 subscribers for just $0.58 each.

Sarah Negus - Spiritual Mentor

"When I started working with Florentina, I had no idea how to launch a Facebook ad or what was involved. In less than 3 weeks, I got 500 subscribers for just $0.58 each.

Thanks to her, I don’t need to worry about promoting my business and discovery calls getting booked.

If you need help with your Facebook ads, I highly recommend working with her."


"I've Got $20,500 Sales With $1,882 Ad Spend"

Jessica Riverson - Certified Money Breakthrough® Coach

" I decided to work with Florentina to book more clients for my coaching business, and I am happy I did! I got $20,500 in revenue with $1,882 ad spend – and 1000% ROI. I've also increased my prospects email list with 44% which will result in even more business. I plan to keep working with Florentina and have her as my secret weapon to boost my revenue with Facebook ads that work! "


My Automated Funnel Brings Me High-End Clients Every Single Month While I'm Out Playing With My Kids.

Shawn Neff - Business Coach at

Florentina and her team helped support a successful campaign from start to finish. We started with a concept, developed the program, created the funnel, and launched the program. Now, with this automated funnel, brings me, high-end clients, every single month while I'm out playing with my kids.


I Know Now How To Speak & Attract My Ideal Client Via Facebook Ads

Niamh Kromo - Empowerment Coach For Women at

I had a jam-packed session with Florentina which totally exceeded my expectations. Not only am I a lot more savvy about how to run my ads now, but she gave me super ads copy plus directions for how to speak & attract my ideal client via Facebook ads (which means more revenue for my business) This girl works fast and furiously. Drink a few shots of espresso before your call with her to keep up.



Lenka Lutonska - Founder of

Florentina was on my list building Facebook campaigns day in day out until she tweaked it to perfection. She is fantastic at what she does and I'm really impressed with how she brought the cost per conversion down.

If you’re looking for somebody who will be 100% dedicated to making your Facebook Ads WORK, Florentina is your woman.



Sherina Mayani - Life and Business Coach, Founder of

Before I was struggling to get good leads for my business and after working with Florentina, I was able to reach my target client from around the world, increase my list by 800+ targeted leads that are becoming paid clients now.


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