Get 500+ New Potential Clients 

Every Single Month  On Autopilot

So That You Never Have To Sell To An Empty Room Or

Worry About Where Your Next Client Is Coming From

When you’re adding hundreds of new potential buyers to your email list every single month.
Your impact grows consistently.
You’re seen as the expert you know you are
You start making 20K, 30K, 40K, 50K, even 150K with so much ease that you can barely comprehend how good your life has become.
You have more money than ever and yet you work less than you ever did in your business.
But you're also asking yourself…
How to make this your reality?


The Email List Booster 

The Easiest Way To Get 500 New Subscribers On Autopilot Every Single Month So That You Never Have To Sell To An Empty Room Or Worry About Where Your Next Client Is Coming From

Want to grow your email list, build your FB group, and have people that actually watch your FB lives, so that you never have to sell to an empty room or worry about where your next client is coming from? Then this package is ideal for you.

It's a lot easier to close new clients and sell your courses when you have your own tribe to promote to. You don’t have to rely on posting on other people’s groups to reach your revenue goals and grow your impact.

That's why we created the Email List Booster package.

We're going to add hundreds, even thousands of new people to your email list and group members. You’ll grow your tribe fast and get more attention to your offers.

We will create the strategy you need to make this happen, then the ads, and then launch your marketing campaign. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Follow The Group Growth Accelerator System For Your Business

Bigger Community Of Engaged, Ready-To-Buy People

You’ll expand your community 24/7 without the need to trade your me-time and family time for your daily social media grind. 

Industry Authority Status

You’ll move so much faster to having an authority status in your niche. You’ll be seen as the expert, the go-to girl… You’ll have your own community who know you, like you, and trust you.

Deeper Impact And Influence

You'll skyrocket your impact and influence. Your gift, your message, your YOU-ness – it’s time more people get to see and hear them.

Marketing That Resonates

You'll get to know your audience and understand their needs and wants at a deeper level. So your marketing will resonate and become much more effective because you’ll show up with content (free / paid) that they really need at that time. No more guesswork for you.

Loyal Audience

You’ll create brand advocates for your business – people that trust you, love your content, buy from you, and recommend you. They’ll be your loyal, raving fans.

Profitable Launches With Ease

You could easily have multiple 5-figure launches, just like our clients did. So forget about the eerie feeling of launching to crickets. Now, you won’t have to wait till the last day of your campaign to fill up your spots.

Once we start your ads, you will have: 

  • An email list that grows every single day with ideal, high-quality leads that you can nurture to become new clients
  • A Facebook group with new members that grows every single day – members who are eager to learn more about your work and more importantly, to buy from you
  • More time and freedom to do the things that you actually want doing, like nurturing your new audience and growing your impact while building your bank account at the same time




Onboarding Call
One call to review the onboarding file and make sure we have everything we need to start your campaign. 

Setting  Your Lead Magnet 

This includes everything that is involved in creating the list building campaign — from building your audience, targeting set-up, to creating the ad copy and images, and installing the pixel.

Ad Copy Creation 
We will write your Facebook ads copy and design your images to gain the lowest possible cost per lead (CPL)



Ongoing Insights
Ongoing campaign analysis to capitalize on and scale out better-performing ads.

Reporting and Tracking
The time frame for reporting will depend on preference, but will most likely be weekly tracking and reporting on all relevant metrics

Ongoing Optimization
Ongoing optimization using demographic, placement, location, and device data.
Please note: This does not include writing new email sequences (autoresponders) for any newly created products or funnels


Email List Boost For 1 Month 

 Save $1500 With The End Of The Year Sale 

  • Done For You Ads For 30 Days
  • Bonus #1: “Reach ‘n Rave Campaign” ($1000 in value)
  • Bonus #2: “FB Ads Game Plan” ($500 in value)
  • Bonus #4: “Irresistible Lead Magnet” ($500 in value)
  • Bonus #5: “Engaged FB Group Members” ($100 in value)
  • Bonus #3: “No-Brainer Tripwire Offer” ($500 in value)

Email List Booster For 6 Months

Save $1500 With The End Of The Year Sale

  • Done For You Ads For 180 Days
  • Bonus #1: “Reach ‘n Rave Campaign” ($1000 in value)
  • Bonus #2: “FB Ads Game Plan” ($500 in value)
  • Bonus #3: “No-Brainer Tripwire Offer” ($500 in value)
  • Bonus #4: “Irresistible Lead Magnet” ($500 in value)
  • Bonus #5: “Engaged FB Group Members” ($100 in value)

To make this campaign effective,

you need to have…

  • An in-depth knowledge of your ideal client
  • A product or service that is already selling 

 If you want to focus on an upcoming launch…

We’ll create a conversion-focused campaign for you, where you have the freedom to do your thing while we work on the background. Just like Tara, who slayed her launch while being a full-time mom.   

Tara & Gabriel When From Hustling To Grow Their FB Group To Getting High-Quality Members Every Single Day And Make $280,000 In Sales

Profitable Launch With A Small Facebook Group

“After working with Florentina on my launch, which was very very successful, it gave so much hope and renewed excitement about what’s next for me and my business!”


I Was Able To Go Away Knowing That Sign Ups Were Coming In My Absence

I would always recommend outsourcing your Facebook ads to an expert and Florentina definitely knows her stuff. I was able to go away on holiday knowing that sign ups were coming in in my absence. She got it done!

Karen Gilbert

"I've Closed $4000 Sales With $666 Ad Spend In Less Than 2 Weeks"

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I've closed $4000 sales with $666 ad spend in less than 2 weeks. That's a 500% return on ad spend. BIG beautiful hugs sent your way!

Tara Antler Relationship Mentor at LEAP - The Coaching Movie

"I've Got $20,500 Sales With $1,882 Ad Spend"

" I decided to work with Florentina to book more clients for my coaching business, and I am happy I did! I got $20,500 in revenue with $1,882 ad spend – and 1000% ROI. I've also increased my prospects email list with 44% which will result in even more business. I plan to keep working with Florentina and have her as my secret weapon to boost my revenue with Facebook ads that work! "

Jessica Riverson Certified Money Breakthrough® Coach


Before I was struggling to get good leads for my business and after working with Florentina, I was able to reach my target client from around the world, increase my list by 800+ targeted leads that are becoming paid clients now.

Sherina Mayani Life and Business Coach, Founder of


Florentina was on my list building Facebook campaigns day in day out until she tweaked it to perfection. She is fantastic at what she does and I'm really impressed with how she brought the cost per conversion down.

If you’re looking for somebody who will be 100% dedicated to making your Facebook Ads WORK, Florentina is your woman.

Lenka Lutonska Founder of

turn your ad spend into leads and sales so that you increase your revenue and impact faster and easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this will work for me?

I would need to read your application first. And after our strategy call, we will know 100%. We only take on clients we know we can truly help.

For how long do I need to commit?

A minimum of 30 days 

What do I need to have in place for this to work?

To make your campaign effective, you need to have:

1) An in-depth knowledge of your ideal client.

2) A lead magnet (webinar, quiz, challenge, or any freebie that your ideal client is crazy about).

3) A proven product or service that is already selling. 

What guarantees do you give?

That you will get 500 leads a month if not, we will work until you do at no extra cost. 

What budget to I need?

The budget is based on the lead cost and we do recommend a minimum  of $50 a day

The Easiest Way To Add New Subscribers To Your List So That You Never Have To Sell To An Empty Room Or Worry About Where Your Next Client Is Coming From