How We Took Tara & Gabriel From Hustling To Rapidly Growing Their FB Group To 3,000+ High-Quality Members And $280,000 In Sales

Tara & Gabriel When From Hustling To Grow Their FB Group To Getting High-Quality Members Every Single Day And Make $280,000 In Sales



The total sales from 3 launches

$60,000 - with the 1st launch. 

Ad spend was only $2,304. That’s 2,604% return on ad spend.

$70,000 - with the 2nd launch. 

Ad spend was only $3,852. That’s 1,817% return on ad spend.

$150,000 with the 3rd launch. 

Ad spend was only $3,927. That’s 3,819% return on ad spend.


Tara Antler and King Gabriel are a powerhouse couple who are highly sought-after healers, soul coaches, and spiritual mentors helping their clients worldwide to live thriving, joyful, and abundant lives.

They reached out again to get more sign-ups for their free online workshops (which would serve as their launch triggers) and also to build their group at the same time.

Before working with us, they were using organic strategies to get people in, and it was taking way too much of their time. They were getting a few group members, but it was not consistent (although they were constantly on social media - Ouch!)

Having 3 little kids to take care of and many clients to serve, they knew they needed a client attraction strategy that would do the heavy lifting on their behalf.

In less than 4 months, we managed to turn things around, taking their FB group to 3,000 high-quality members and closing $280,000 in sales with 3 launches. And they invested only $10,000 in ad spend. 

I don't know about you but that's a pretty good ROI for the coaching niche.

Now I'm about to walk you through exactly how it was done.


We ran ads for 3 different launches, and they all had similar goals. So for this case study, we are going to focus on the first one, which was a $60,000+ launch.

For the first launch, we were tasked to bring 400 new targeted leads to sign up for their free online workshop, and have those leads join the FB group at the same time.

And take note that they did not want just anybody coming into the group – they wanted people who are in alignment with them, their message, and their offers.


Pre-Facebook Ads Campaign  

Before we created the new ad campaign, we ran a full audit on their ad account. 

Some of the things we look at when running such audits include: 

Campaign Goal: Facebook gives preferential treatment / results to certain campaign objectives. We look to see if the client is leveraging some of these optimization elements to their advantage. 

Tracking / Pixel: We check what sort of data is “seasoning” the pixel and if this data is being used to further improve results. 

Cost Per Click & Click-Through Rate: These help us to fit between creative and targeting. 

We found out that the ad images that were used before were not designed to get attention in the news feed, so we decided to use a completely different approach, which involved not using the clients’ images.  

We also looked at the target audience and realized that we needed to go way more in depth.  

We also recognized the huge importance of building a warm retargeting audience that could later be leveraged.

After the ads audit, we went over the existing funnel to ensure the user experience was ready for conversions. And we discovered that it was not, so we decided to build the funnel from scratch.  

We then asked them to fill out our onboarding questionnaire so we could gather all the info we needed. Then we had a call to make sure everything was crystal clear before we started creating the campaign. 

The Campaign

Now that the funnel and the campaign had been properly assessed, it was time to launch the new funnel and go live with the new ads to get the right people for the launch and build the FB group at the same time. 

To speed things up for them, we implemented our proprietary system for adding the right people (aka, ideal clients) to BOTH a Facebook group and email list. 

We created everything from crafting the ad copy and images, installing the pixel, building their audience, to setting up the targeting.

The Hook 

For the first campaign, we used a “thriving in the midst of a global change” angle to address the people’s current and biggest challenge at that time.  

FB Ads Management 

Once we had all the pieces needed for a successful campaign, we launched the ads. Here are some of the things that we implemented to ensure the best results for the clients:


We split-tested different versions of the ad copies, headlines, and images to see which would gain the lowest possible cost per lead. 

Reporting And Tracking

We provided weekly tracking and reporting on all relevant metrics.

Ongoing Optimization and Insights

We continuously analyzed and optimized the best-performing ads to capitalize on and scale out better-performing ads.



Total sales from the 3 launches 


Sales from the 1st launch. Ad spend was only $2,304. That’s 2,604% return on ad spend.


Sales from the 2nd launch. Ad spend was only $3,852. That’s 1,817% return on ad spend.


Sales from the 2nd launch. Ad spend was only $3,927. That’s 3,819% return on ad spend.

The clients generated a total revenue of $280,000 with a $10,083 ad spend. 

The total return on ad spend was 2,776%.

They amplified their income (and impact!) without sacrificing the time for their 3 little kids and also the time for self-care.  


Yes, you need to take action if you want to get to the next level in your business. But you don’t need to work yourself into the ground.  

With the right strategy, you can have…   

  • An email list that grows every single day with ideal, high-quality leads that will become new clients

  • A group that grows every single day with new members who are eager to learn more and buy from you

  • More time and freedom to do the things that you actually love to do, like amplifying your business while taking care of your family

Do you want the same strategy that we used for Tara and King Gabriel to be implemented in your business … so that you achieve your next-level impact and multi 5 or 6 figure launch in 30 days (without the hustle and grinding)?

“I would recommend Florentina to anyone who’s looking to grow their business or get the right people – people that are aligned with the message that you’re giving out. Because she can really do that well. Hands down, I would say yes, she’s awesome to work with!” – King Gabriel


We don’t focus only on short-term Facebook ad hacks and tactics. We focus more on building a solid, sustainable strategy that will serve you long-term so that your audience, impact, and business grows consistently.