How We Took A Business Coach From Not Having An Automated Lead System To Closing High-End Clients Per Month And 800%+ Return On Her Ad Spend

How We Took A Boss Mom From Vision To Creating Her Dream Lifestyle By Consistently Closing $3500+ Clients And Growing Her Biz On Autopilot While She’s Out Playing With Her Kids

Shawn Neff is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and most importantly, a mom and a wife. 

If you’re a mompreneur too, and you find it difficult — “impossible” even — to have the best of both worlds (motherhood and business), then you’ll be inspired with Shawn’s story.

But before I share that, here’s a quick question first:

Have you seen this viral quote online?

“We expect women to work like they don’t have children, and raise children as if they don’t work.”

The pressure is real for working moms.

But here’s the good news: 

This shape-shifting from Super Mom to Badass CEO — you can make it a lot more enjoyable and a lot less stressful. 

If Shawn can do it, so can you. Read on and be inspired by her story. 


When Shawn approached us, she had a big vision and she needed a marketing team to help her make it happen. A reliable team that would help her close new clients consistently by creating a brand-new funnel from scratch, writing her email nurture sequence, running her FB ads campaigns, tweaking her landing pages, and everything else for best conversions.


To close high-ticket coaching clients consistently with ease regardless if she's working in her business or out playing with her kids.


My team and I built Shawn’s funnel from the ground up — from market research to product development, from messaging to creating the pages, emails, and integrations, to finally getting those calls booked in her calendar.

Our process always starts with CLARITY and the STRATEGY.

Getting clear on the client’s goals and then crafting a plan to get there is priority #1 for the whole process.

For Shawn, we started with market research, defining the coaching package, creating the unique selling proposition, and the messaging to make her vision a reality.

Next step was to build her ASSETS.

In this phase, we focused on creating the assets we needed to launch her funnel (emails, pages, copy, integrations, scheduling systems, tagging, segmentation) and FB ads (creatives, targeting, pixels).

Once we had all that we needed to LAUNCH THE CAMPAIGN, well… we launched the campaign.

After that, it was all about OPTIMIZATION, which was a daily process of tweaking to cut the ads that didn’t help us get the results we established with step one (clarity and strategy). 


After the initial testing phase where we tested a few variations, we started leveraging the one that was working and filling her funnel with high-quality prospects.

Shawn started getting discovery calls booked with high-quality prospects regardless if she’s working or not. Booyah, goal achieved! 

She was so happy that she surprised us with this voluntary testimonial in FB…

She started experiencing “effortless sales conversations” (wouldn’t you love that?) because of the way the funnel was built. She wasn't talking to strangers — the calls were booked by people who had consumed her content and knew about her offer.

After selling a few packages, she felt more and more confident in the fact that she could rely on a consistent stream of high-quality leads

She then decided to raise the price of her coaching offer from $2500 to $3500. People were committed and ready to work at the high-ticket price.

Shawn continued to get discovery calls booked in her sleep, and to land clients and make sales with ease.

Here’s what she had to say about it: 

“You are able to take the big vision, implement the strategy and make it happen.

You supported me step by step to the process and it really helps me do what I love and do it really well (coaching) and be a mom.”


Keep things as simple as possible. This allowed us to split-test different parts of her funnel and keep doing it until it was working like a well-oiled marketing system.

More than the technical part, here’s an important lesson in Shawn’s story:

It is possible to be a BADASS CEO who nails your business with effortless discovery calls and high-ticket clients … without the messy, complicated, and time-consuming parts that compete with your SUPER MOM duties. 

“Now, my automated funnel brings me high-end clients every single month while I'm out playing with my kids.”

It’s the best of both worlds.
And it’s just a call away.


We don’t focus only on short-term Facebook ad hacks and tactics. We focus more on building a solid, sustainable strategy that will serve you long-term so that your audience, impact, and business grows consistently.

Shawn also adds: “Florentina is a total woman of integrity and intuition!!!”

More so: If you work with us, you will see that being a mother and having a multiple 6 figure business doesn't have to be a matter of “either / or.”

Let us help you achieve this dream.

Services We Provided to Shawn

Complete webinar funnel built from A to Z 

Facebook ads creation and management