[Case Study] A Boss Mom’s Tale Of Being A Breadwinner, Having A Newborn, Growing Her Business – And How She Mastered Their Beautiful Chaos

Systems Slay: A Boss Mom’s Tale Of Being A Breadwinner, Having A Newborn, Growing Her Business – And How She Mastered Their Beautiful Chaos

“I decided to work with Florentina to book more clients for my coaching business, and I am happy I did! I plan to keep working with her and have her as my secret weapon to boost my revenue with Facebook ads that work!”

Are you overwhelmed because you’re not only a coach or consultant, but also a mom, wife, daughter, and sister?

Are you exhausted because you’re managing 12,388 roles and hats every single day?

When life pulls you in a thousand different directions, and giving up is not an option, how do you stay grounded?

Jessica’s story will definitely inspire you. Read on and discover how she slayed all her roles … with grace.


Driven and independent, Jessica Riverson was supporting an entire family of four when she first talked to us. It wasn’t easy to master the “beautiful chaos” of being a full-time mom (with a newborn child) and a full-time business coach…

But this woman had the fire of commitment in her veins! 

She wanted to be a loving mother who, at the same time, could take her coaching business to a new level, impact more lives, and make a difference … and do all of it in a GRACEFUL way. 

So she decided to slay it with systems. She invested in a full done-for-you funnel + Facebook ads management to be able to close more high-ticket clients with ease while she’s taking care of her family. 

And I tell you, with Jessica’s motivation plus the power of a conversion-focused funnel and FB ads, it didn’t take long for her to sing the sweet song of sales.


To close more high-ticket clients with ease so she could provide for and take care of her family, as well as make a bigger impact on the life of each of her clients.


My team and I built Jessica’s webinar funnel from the ground up — from messaging to creating the landing pages, design, emails, automations, and CRM integrations, to full Facebook campaign creation including ads copy, images, targeting, tracking, and more.

Our process always starts with CLARITY and the STRATEGY. 

Getting clear on the client’s goals and then crafting a plan to get there is priority #1 for the whole process.  

After the first strategy session with Jessica, we got crystal-clear with her goals and how to get there. 

Next step was to create her ASSETS.

In this phase, we focused on creating the assets we needed to launch her marketing campaign — images, messaging, copy, and design. 

Once we had the assets approved, it was time to click play and LAUNCH the marketing campaign.  

It’s where things really got exciting. Why? 

Because after starting the campaign, it’s all about OPTIMIZATION. It’s an intense process of tweaking to cut the ads that didn’t help us get the goals we established on step one (clarity and strategy).

And nothing is more exciting than crushing those goals! 


While Jessica was busy taking care of her newborn, we were working in the background, optimizing her campaign to have a conversion-focused, money-making funnel that would bring her pre-qualified prospects booked automatically on her calendar regardless if she’s working or taking care of her family. 

Jessica got laser-targeted leads who were eager to buy.

“I just had my VA add more dates to our scheduling tool. People keep booking and they keep getting filled up. ”
“Wow, just got another one sale. The new leads are very interested to buy. Very cool.”

When we finished our work, she got an extra $20,500 in sales while working way less. 

Best part? She invested only $1,882. 

If you do the math, that’s 1000% ROI.

Who wouldn’t spend $1,882 to make more than $20,500 back?

Here’s more: She also increased her email list by 44%, which will result in even more business. 

But what’s a bigger email list if people don’t open your emails? Not a problem for Jessica. 

The leads she was getting using Facebook ads were engaging with her content. 

“That particular email got a 29% open rate from the new list we’re building.”


Facebook ads are an awesome marketing tool. In fact, it’s one of my favorites. What I love about it is that if you know what works and what doesn’t, you can boost your business revenue – no doubt about it!

Just like what Jessica said:

“I plan to keep working with Florentina and have her as my secret weapon to boost my revenue with Facebook ads that work!” 


We don’t focus only on short-term Facebook ad hacks and tactics. We focus more on building a solid, sustainable strategy that will serve you long-term so that your audience, impact, and business grows consistently. 

Services We Provided to Jessica

Complete webinar funnel built from A to Z 

Facebook ads creation and management