How We Took A Business Coach From Not Having An Automated Lead System To Closing High-End Clients Per Month And 800%+ Return On Her Ad Spend

How We Took A Coach From Wasting Money On Making Her Own Funnel – To Automatically Booking Pre-Sold, Pre-Qualified Prospects With A Team

Nothing beats having a team when you want to get fast, real results…
Not even buying a high-end training or course with a sexy price tag.
There’s a world of difference between having experts work miracles for you versus you trying to DIY things and then hoping for a miracle.
Sure, DIY is fun when it comes to, say, decorating your house. (Can you recommend any podcasts to me?) But it’s a whole different story regarding growing your business.
So, if you want to avoid the time-consuming and dollar-draining mistakes that many business owners make when DIY-ing their marketing…
Then Desirée’s story is surely a must-read.


Desirée C, a Visibility and Personal Branding Expert, was looking for a hands-off marketing system that would automatically get her high-quality prospects.
When we had our first call, she shared that she was getting people into her evergreen marketing funnel, but ... not the type of prospects that she wanted.
Here’s the thing: She bought a world-class, step-by-step training (WITH A HEFTY PRICE TAG) on how to build a funnel from scratch and create / launch a Facebook ads campaign.
But still: The result wasn’t good. And she had spent a lot of money, energy, and time on testing different things — hoping to crack the code.
After a lot of frustrations and disappointment, she decided it was time to make her life easier by having a team by her side who could crack the code to get her the pre-sold, pre-qualified prospects that she wanted. A reliable team that could save her money, energy, and time.


To get pre-sold, pre-qualified prospects booked automatically into her calendar, so she could close more clients for her $5K high-ticket coaching package.


In order to have CLARITY and assess the situation properly, we did an audit of her whole marketing campaign.
We started with the Facebook ads campaign, and then the funnel itself.
Auditing the campaign correctly helped us identify:
           - If the offer was viable for ads
           - Which audiences were most promising
           - What ads were getting the most attention
           - Why the funnel was leaking
           - Where the bottlenecks were in her funnel
           - How to improve her ads and optimize her existing campaign
We found out not only WHY the funnel was leaking, but also HOW to make it work to get pre-sold, pre-qualified prospects.
Simply put, it was detective work at it’s best!
And it allowed us to cut losers faster and scale the winners to maximize her ROI.
After the audit, we created a list of the things that needed improvement.
Once those things were improved, we focused on getting more people into the funnel. 


As soon as we started getting more people into the funnel, Desirée started getting pre-sold, pre-qualified prospects booked automatically into her calendar.

Prospects who paid in full for her $5K high-ticket coaching package... 


Desirée’s campaign highlighted how important it is to have real support with your Facebook ads campaigns.
Many businesses don’t have a solid Facebook ads strategy. Even if they understand the strategy from a course, there are so many moving parts that they need to get right … ALL AT THE SAME TIME

It’s challenging and it’s a full-time job to keep up with all the Facebook ads changes.
Most business owners don’t have the time to do that, so they usually end up with a broken funnel that leaks and no signs of the results they were hoping for.
Remember that the choices that we make do have an impact on our business, and what looks like a cheaper solution (like DIY-ing your funnel and ads) may create huge setbacks and a wild emotional rollercoaster. 


We don’t focus only on short-term Facebook ad hacks and tactics.

We focus more on building a solid, sustainable strategy that will serve you long-term so that your audience, impact, and business grows consistently.  

Services We Provided to Desirée

Funnel Audit 

Facebook ads creation and management