When we create Facebook ads campaigns, most of the time, we use any of these 3 different types of images. 

  • Relevant images
    Images that are relevant to your offer. You living the lifestyle that the offer is promising, or you embodying the results that the offer is promising 
  • Authority-building images 
    Any type of image that makes you look like an authority in your niche (e.g., speaking on stage, in front of people, TV appearances, images with clients, events) 
  • Abstract images
    Abstract images are designed to stop people from scrolling and pay attention to the ad. We have plenty of these images, so you DON’T need to upload any.

If you don’t have relevant or authority-building images, we will stock images, which will work too.

Now, please go ahead and upload the images you have in the IMAGES folder of your Google Drive so that we have them ready when we start building your campaign.