Walk away with a solid plan to get clients and sales during these challenging times

Are you wondering what to do right now in your business?

Don’t believe you can sell something in a recession? It's time to change that way of thinking. There are businesses that thrive during challenging times and recessions....
The real question is... Are you going to be one of them? It's time to decide how this will go for you because guess what, you can be one of those that thrive.
During uncertain times like these, you need to have clarity and an action plan. Those who succeed are action takers.
As a leader, you want to move fast to help your clients through their challenges right now.  If you're ready to get the clarity you need to make this happen and recession-proof your own business at the same time, then you need.....


Walk away with a solid plan to get clients and sales during these challenging times 


This is NOT just an ordinary call where you get to learn a tactic and then try to figure out how to implement what you’ve learned in your own business.

This is me and you doing a full dive into your business and highlighting the fastest and easiest way to create 5K in 5 days.

You won’t have just ideas and information.

Clarity and focus
Day-by-day breakdown of what to do
Step-by-step actions
A personalized roadmap that will get you to the finish line towards 5K and beyond


If this crisis has got you wondering if you can pay your team members or your bills because some of your clients just pulled back, and you don’t have income stability and predictability right now…

If you want to step out of your fears and confusion…

Then 5K IN 5 DAYS is for you.

This is not about using Facebook ads. Instead, here’s how it will go: 


Phase 1: First Strategy Call Where We Dive Deep Into Your Business

After you make your investment and schedule the call. When the call strats, we dive deep into your business — your existing offer, the new offer you need to create, your messaging, content, posting, everything. We find out what’s stopping you from getting clients right now.


Phase 2: We map out a step-by-step roadmap during the strategy call 

We map out a step-by-step roadmap for you so that you end up creating 5K+ in your business without paid ads.


Phase 3: Implementation between the first strategy all and second strategy call  

You implement the plan we created.


Phase 4:  Second Strategy Call To Follow Up & Improve

The second strategy call will be in 7 days after your first strategy call. During this call,  we will look at your results and optimize so that you keep selling more and easier. 


  • You have an expertise that can help other people, and you're looking to bring in some extra income  
  • You already have a business and you're looking for new ways to make money
  • You already have an audience, but you don’t know what offers are relevant to them right now
  • You want a system that allows you to sell more coaching, consulting, and other services
  • You don’t want to invest days and months in courses without getting personalized support for your unique situation

  • Don't have a business
  • Don't want to do the work to implement 
  • You  prefer to complain instead of  finding solutions 

I've worked with hundreds of people helping them from product creation to messaging to positioning to selling - and now I’m committed to helping YOU

  • I've worked with hundreds of people helping them from product creation to messaging to positioning to selling
  • I’ve worked with clients who needed to create a brand-new product that sells
  • I’ve worked with clients who needed a new message
  • I’ve worked with clients who needed fast cash before starting a Facebook ads campaign
  • I have a degree in economics. I understand the impact it will have on business owners who move fast now and position themselves to thrive compared to the ones who don't take action now.
  • Our VIP packages start at $3000 and go up to $15,000, my coaching at $500/hour. I can't promise that I’ll offer something like this again.
  • If you feel that now is your time to take action (which it is!) and you’re ready to take your power back in your business…. Then join me for the 5K IN 5 DAYS Strategy offer and you'll walk away with a solid plan to get clients and sales during these challenging times
  • I would love to help you with the steps that you need to take right at this moment. Ready? 

Here’s what people are saying about working with Florentina

Dayna Lisa

Mindset Coach

Florentina Helped Me Map Out My Marketing Campaign From A to Z, With Undying Care & Attention To Detail The Entire Journey

Lenka Lutonska


Florentina is brilliant at what she does

Martina Blaho

Mindset Coach

Florentina Is Honest, Direct, And She Will Tell You What Needs To Get Done

Frequently Asked Questions

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